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Custom Apparel Line Mock Ups with your design

Custom Apparel Line Mock Ups with your design

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Does not include the logo that will go on the line  - that is seperate. If you also want the clothing art designed choose clothing art listing as well. 

This is for the mock ups of the line of apparel.  ONE DESIGN, on many pieces of apparel. If you have more than one design you will need to choose your options for one line at a time. Then start again with the next design.  You can buy the number of mocks in our first design, then choose "already paid" on the 2nd design in the drop down list. 

You will get individual photos to use on your website - or for me to use on the website I am building for you.  

We will discuss the best mock up type for your project, just front vs front and back (front and back is 2 mock ups even if one photo).  You choose the number of mock ups you will need. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions -

I will take your design, make one mock up and contact you to make sure we are on the same page as far as the design goes. At that point we can discuss the rest of the project specifications that are not on the order form. I make sure you are happy before proceeding. 


PNG is best for photo types however I can work with most files.


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